Sunday, August 5, 2007

New post

I just did a nice long post and it seems to have got lost...I forgot what I said, hopefully it somehow surfaces or I find it. I will try to reconstruct it later.

What's new...

Actually not too much new. I have not posted for awhile, nor have I done any beading since I finished my July page. I had planned on it, but the beading muse was not working. I have done some knitting and lots of reading. I also decided to try to get rid of some old magazines that I have not touched in quite awhile, so I have been productive and got some insipiration.

I also took a short trip to Portland, OR, beautiful area. Nice and green. I went to two bead stores and did not see anything I had to have, always strange to me. I did get some nice yarn however.

I am going to get my August page started today, at least as far as the set up of it. It will be covered in beads, but will have material underneath and it will be a different color scheme. But it will be my other favorite color to work with and I have lots of beads and material in this particular color!

I have been reading everyone's posts and enjoying all of the updates, I just have not been posting on all the blogs like I did the last couple of months. I miss that and need to stop and smell the roses so to speak and read all of the posts thoroughly so I can post too. I noticed some thoughtful posts I really want to take the time to read.

The issue I was dealing with came to pass, so now I really have to deal with it, or rather do some grieving. Change is good, (or so I always tell myself) but does cause some grieving, no matter what the change is. One thing I have learned over the years is that.

Thank you anyone that happens to wander by, I appreciate you looking. Come back in a week and I should have an update for my August page.

Off to Barnes & Noble to look at bead and bead embroidery books.

Happy beading (and knitting) everyone.

This is the post I thought I lost. It has been so long, I forgot how to post it.