Saturday, March 22, 2008

What's new

Not too much new. I have worked off and on on a bracelet. Almost done. I am catching up today on downloading pictures from the camera to the computer and then the web site with Juno pictures, so I thought I would post a few here.
Disco has the eyes!
Play time for all.
Juno sure loves to pose!

And gee, what a surprise for me, pink and purple flowers.
Have a great holiday everyone.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

February page

I also want to mention that I have three brothers too, but for this page for February it fit more with what I was thinking to represent my two sisters and myself. One of my sisters also celebrates a February birthday.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

February, dogs

I neglected to mention one important thing about my page (see below) and that was I also included a dog charm to represent all the dogs I have loved and have shared my life. Nancy


Wow, it has been so long! I now officially consider myself a behinder. I did not think it would happen, but work, a puppy and time will do that I guess.

I have not even been looking at the rest of the groups pages that much, so I know many nice surprises await me.

I am done with February finally. I finished most of it February, so that was good. It is personal for me as February is my birth month, the faces represent me and my two sisters. I am a Pisces, hence the fish (as is my boyfriend,) purple is my color, I love pearls, crystals and buttons. The buttons (there are two) are both antiques. I really love the material, I had other material planned, but when I saw this material, that was it.
Some pictures are of the page in progress and the final one is the page completed. I also discovered the color of the material looks more like it does in person when taken using the flash.
I also include a picture of Juno taken on the day I am posting. She has grown, about 40 pounds now of pure puppy! Enjoy everyone. Nancy