Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beaders Muse II - Big Reveal

Well the results are out. What lovely work. Check the link on my prior post. Here is my project. Every entry is posted separately with the story behind the piece.
It is better in person. This is a total departure from what I would normally do, but I really like copper. The colors selected for this Muse were colors I would select on my own. So that was fun.
Please check out the site to see some lovely work.
Next time, I have a crochet project to post and maybe some pictures of Juno and the other dogs and other beading projects. It has been awhile. Nancy

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Beader's Muse

I entered the wrong address for Scarlett's blog. Here is the correct one:

The Beader's Muse

Hi, I am still out here if anyone stops by. I have been busy with life for the most part. Some beading, some knitting, some crocheting, lots of reading, but mostly working!

Anyway, I am writing now as I joined Scarlett Lanson's The Beaders Muse II contest. I just submitted my piece. I wish all that joined good luck. As soon as we can post our muses, I will post mine. It was a fun and educational experience for me. I did some different techniques for me and used some different materials. I also learned from taking the pictures and submitting them. I need to read up more on how to use my spiffy camera. I got a Nikon D60 for Christmas and have taken over a thousand pictures with it since then. It is a great camera. I need to select some and post them.

Please check out Scarlett's blog.

If you are a BJP person I pretty much stopped. I hope sometime I will get back into my pages. I enjoyed that too.

Thanks everyone and have a great day, Nancy