Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Posting pictures

Thank you all again for your comments, keeps me going!

I have a question for all of you and if you can post the answer on the blog versus an email that would be great. I don't want the email to get blocked in our spam blocker while I am away.

Anyway, here is the question. How do you post a picture on the blog page in the small size, but be able to click on it to get the big size?

Someone sent me an email to tell me how to post a link on the blog without listing the whole link out. I will try that next time.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well, I am almost done. I have hopes to finish this week, but since I am going to the bead retreat, I am not sure.

I was thinking the other day that this journal even though an art one, is like writing one. I feel as if I am working on issues, at least in my mind anyway, as I work on my journal page.

Now that July is almost here, I am thinking of what my new page will be and I have so many ideas...

I also want to decide relatively soon how I will put my pages together so I can be formatting them as I go along. I am still leaning towards a scrap book idea. I already bought two scrap books so really want to use one since I don't do scrap booking.

Off to Beads on the Vine, happy beading everyone, Nancy

Here is my update:

I should add the shadow on the picture is me taking the picture! I try for natural light so got in the picture myself this time.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bead Journal Ideas

I thought I would post my bead journal ideas so I have them for myself in one place I can always find them. Of course that won't stop me from writing ideas down on small pieces of paper as I have been, but this is a good start.

I took some pictures last weekend in our drive up to Pacifica. They are of the hills, etc., I thought that would make a nice beading picture. I also have a cool picture of waves from the ocean that same weekend. At any rate, lots of ideas there.

Flower, with and without the material I have bought.

Crazy quilt, just lots of beads

Quilt patterns in general

Frank Lloyd Wright pattern


Native American patterns

Oriental rug patterns

Bead a dragon in peyote and put it on a page.

My dogs

Use some favorite beads, I saw someone else with that idea, so I can't say it was mine, but it is a great idea and I have been doing that with my faces.

More faces/goddess/mermaid

Peacock feather


Use some of the buttons I have, in particular dragon flys

3d pages

Netting of some sort, overlay

Dahlia - pink/yellow/orange colorway

I have some beautiful silk scarves to bead on

Knitting, got to get that in somehow

Experiment with colors I normally don't bead with

Use some more cabs, I have a cool agate cab that will be a nice start for my hill pictures, noted above.


Spiral/nautilus pattern

Sea shells or abalone pieces

Still life

Take a favorite painting and use the same colorways, or a window of it. This is an idea I have always wanted to try again that I learned in the Breath of God class I took with Carol Wilcox Wells, see earlier post and pictures.

That's all for now. I am sure I will come up with some more.

BOTV & Thunder

Thank you all for your kind words on Thunder. It still is hard and we miss him every day.

Here is information on the bead retreat I am going on:

It is in San Luis Obispo, CA at Edna Valley Vineyard. I have had the pleasure of going yearly to one of Melanie's retreats since she started it. It is a great time.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thunder's website

Correction on the website:

Thanks for looking!

Bead Journal update and new pictures

I have been working on my page and have a bit more done. New pictures attached. I have discovered I am glad I took pictures as I went along so I can see the progression of what I have done. I think it will help me on future pages. I still have so many ideas floating around that it is a wonder I can concentrate on my page. I am still enjoying the beading and the end result. I hope to finish this weekend. Next week I get to go to a bead retreat. Beads on the Vine with Cynthia Rutledge, Laura McCabe, Carol Wilcox Wells and Melanie Potter. Always a great time.

Here are my pictures.

Also a picture of my boy that I lost in January, may he rest in peace. This is Thunder:

You can see more about Thunder at www.thunderdisco/thunder.

And some pictures of my hydrangeas.

Thanks for looking. Nancy

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Disco likes to pose

Disco really likes to pose. He had a great day at the beach and is now a tired doggie!

Journal update

I spent several hours working on my journal page yesterday. Now I need to site back and think about it a bit. I filled in some of the open space and need to decide how to go on. I may even do some other beading or knitting today! First off to the beach with the dogs and boyfriend. I am also posting one final picture of my prior bead embroidery work. I call it the Three Graces. I made these from kits from Ronda Kivett, who is a member of our group. I have noticed several people in our group that I knew of, or know. That has been great.

I see I may have more of a goddess theme in the work I have done than I know of. Have a great beading day everyone, Nancy.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Final one for the night. I see my pictures of my journal page are not in chronological order.

I will need to work on that for next time.

I forgot to add, I have enjoyed everyone's blogs from the Bead Journal Blog site, now to join that one and add my blog.

And now my prior work. The first piece was from a class I took at one of my local bead stores, Three Beads and A Button in Cupertino, CA (

The next piece is modeled on Sherry Serafini's work and some of her techniques she has written about. And the final piece, the mermaid, is from a class I took with Carol Wilcox Wells called Breath of God. I have had the pleasure of taking several classes with her. This one was at a retreat called Bead Blue Sea.

More pictures.

I have been beading on my page every day for a few days now. Nothing tonight though. Tonight I have been putting my pictures on my computer so I can post them. I have a few I am going to add. I have a web site, but have not learned how to post pictures yet. I am also going to add pictures of previous bead embroidery I have worked on. Blogging is fun.

I called my site & misc. as I want to add pictures of my dogs, places I have been, flowers, knitting, etc., etc.

The face is from Sassy Art Doll goddess.

I hope this link works. I had some I ordered a few years ago and they just screamed to me to use them for this project. I used another one on my cover for the journal. I need to work on that more before I post it though. I also ordered some more faces from this site and they are really nice.

More pictures:

Monday, June 11, 2007

Part 2 for the night, I forgot to add, I will also try to post only pictures that I took. So the roses I took. I was very pleased with that. They are my neighbor's roses and always come out so well each year.

Now I just need to figure out how to post pictures in the body of the blog itself so I can post pictures of my journal.

Nancy's Bead Journal Blog

Welcome to my blog. I am proud of myself for getting this done. In this blog I will post about my bead journal and what ever else comes to mind. Thanks to Robin Atkins for sponsoring the bead journal.

I am still very excited about this project. I have many project ideas, they keep coming to me. I have worked on the project a few days in a row now. I have no special theme, but may include a face or other cabachon or stone or button on each one. I also plan to use material. I have lots of material to get me going! And of course I have lots of beads, but can always use more. My size is 4 x 5 inches. I bought some heavy quilt batting material to use to bead on. So far so good. I have a few pictures which I will post when I figure that out too.