Sunday, October 28, 2007


Hi everyone, have not posted for awhile. I have been working on my page. It is slowly coming along, but I like it. I was in central Illinois over this past weekend for a fall color drive festival. It was a nice time, unfortunately the trees had not changed too much. This coming weekend I got to Pt. Townsend, WA for a knitting weekend, then to Phoenix for work. So no posting for awhile. When I come back I need to finish October and on to November! Have a good few weeks everyone, Nancy

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Quote of the day

I forgot to add this on my prior post. I really like quotes. I came across this one today in an article about dealing with stress:

"Life is what we make it - always has been, always will be." Grandma Moses

How true!

October day

Today has been a grand day so far. After I took my Disco to the park this morning, I went back home to get my camera so I could take pictures of some flowers I always admire. When we went back out, fog had rolled in, which rarely happens where I live in the SF bay area. I ended up taking over a 100 pictures. When the sun came out it, the pictures I took looked like they were at night. I posted my favorite ones at photobucket. Here is the link:

I have added three of my very favorites out of all of them. That was hard to pick, I was really happy with all of them. Even a lot I did not post.
I also got my beaded face pin from the swap today and some cool goodies, which will probably find their way to one of my pages. Can't wait till next year for the next swap. Swaps are a lot of fun, you get to make something you like that is fun (although you have to give it up) and get something cool in return. I love to get things in the mail. I have posted that picture too, and here is the link from the website for Sassy Art Goddess:

My pin is by Connie Welch.

On to beading and knitting for the rest of the day. I have to finish my sock for my last class. I will post a picture when done.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

October page - flower

I should add that the flower on my October page is from techniques I learned from Paula Walter.

October and inspiration - pictures

Better late than never, the pictures I referred to in my last post. My October pages and the inspiration.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Every so often I look at things (artwork by others and things of my own) and realize how I like to work around threes or odd numbers. Part of this has to do with balance for me, but also from early photography classes I took and the law of threes, about not centering your main object, putting the horizon in the top third of your picture, etc. That has stayed with me a long time.

I played Morwyn's color game. ( My colors are burnt umber, silver, cobalt blue and ivory. Nice combination. I will need to make something in those colors, either knitting or beading or for a page. I think I even have all the colors in beads anyway.

I am using different colors in my October page. I will post a picture later today. I will explain the colors now though. The piece is called Dahlia, and there will be no dahlias in it. Just the colors. I picked up some dahlias several weeks ago at our local farmers market (good thing about living in CA, mine is year round) and the colors were yellow, orange and pink and I determined I would make a page in that color scheme and October is the month for that.

As far as September goes, I also noticed (again) how dark it looks in the picture. For now, September sort of represents a dark time for me so I am going to leave it as is unless something really jumps out at me later on in the 12 months of this project. But there are 3 sets of three in there, three black briolettes, three main beads (well one is a pin and the other was a button,) one of which has three beaded arms or beaded strips coming out of it. I was really happy with that as it was totally a spur of the moment way I beaded it (beads talking again) and it came out pretty cool.

Another thing looking at everyone's work and my own blog reminds me is how much joy I get out of beading and the other craft/art work I do. It is a good thing to remind myself when I am feeling down, or feeling sick.

No farm tour last week, but we did have a nice time at the beach.

Happy beading everyone, Nancy