Saturday, March 8, 2008


Wow, it has been so long! I now officially consider myself a behinder. I did not think it would happen, but work, a puppy and time will do that I guess.

I have not even been looking at the rest of the groups pages that much, so I know many nice surprises await me.

I am done with February finally. I finished most of it February, so that was good. It is personal for me as February is my birth month, the faces represent me and my two sisters. I am a Pisces, hence the fish (as is my boyfriend,) purple is my color, I love pearls, crystals and buttons. The buttons (there are two) are both antiques. I really love the material, I had other material planned, but when I saw this material, that was it.
Some pictures are of the page in progress and the final one is the page completed. I also discovered the color of the material looks more like it does in person when taken using the flash.
I also include a picture of Juno taken on the day I am posting. She has grown, about 40 pounds now of pure puppy! Enjoy everyone. Nancy


The Lone Beader said...

I love the faces! Those are looking great! :D

KV said...

This is a lovely, lovely page! You did a terrific job on this -- and happy birthday to you!

Kathy V in NM

artandtea said...

What a rich page, both visually and symbolically. I love the colors and the face beads. They're great.
Your puppy is adorable.
Happy Birthday!

KrispiS said...

I love this! You are really making the best use of the fabric and your favorite things. Happy Birthday!

freebird said...

Happy birthday to you and your sister. What a cute puppy.
Your page is really nice. It's great to have a "sisters" page. You can always tell your brothers you might do one of them if they're nice enough to you!!LOL

Any Smith said...

I too love the faces. I also like to see your work in progress. Maybe I should start to take pictures of my work in progress... hmmm

Nancy K. said...

Thank you all, I appreciate the positive comments. I had a close up of one part of it, but never got that on the blog. It helps me to go back and see the progress on my own work and everyone elses. Nancy