Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Been a long time - new page

Wow, it has been a long time. I have been checking everyone's pages for the 2007 Bead Journal Blog and on the Internet site. A few weeks ago I was inspired and started my newest page. Of course I thought it was for November, it had been that long that I forgot I had November. So this is either January or March. Unfortunately I am sort of stumped, or blocked as the saying goes and want to move onto other projects. I am also putting in my most recent project. From a class with Rachel Nelson-Smith. It is a bracelet called Rachel's Bead Nouveau.

And a new Juno picture. She has really grown, about 60 #'s now.

Anyway, back to my page. This page has been in the back of my mind since I moved to CA, before I had done much of any bead embroidery. I was coming back from my first bead retreat (the first Beads on the Vine) and looked at all the lovely gold hills in central CA and told myself, I need to try to bead them. That was 7 years ago. And I was going to do it on leather. Well life intervened along with many other beading projects, knitting, etc., etc. I determined to bead it for this project however. I even drew a picture of it last year thinking it would be November.

That is inspiration #1, #2 is a picture from a stitching magazine that was almost exactly like what I envisioned. (Stitch from the UK) and #3 is pictures I have taken from flying in a small plane. I am trying to capture how the hills look from the air. Finally #4, since receiving Margie Deeb's new color book I have been trying to pay attention to color and how a picture can be represented in beading.

Here are a few pictures.

First time at the beach, she really loved it! I will post more on my photobucket page too. Juno is 7 1/2 months old in this picture.

And my bracelet. This took me about a month and I just kept at it. The base is peyote and the rest are different components. There are a couple of buttons with beading around them. I had a lot of fun with this project.

Happy beading everyone, Nancy


Robin said...

Thanks for bringing us up to date, Nancy! 7.5! Great... as you say, almost ready for a BJP member page!

Your current piece is already gorgeous... aren't you proud of yourself when you look at where you started and where you are now with bead embroidery? Oh, yes, and thanks for the nod to my book... glad it helped!

Juno... OMG... what a cutie and how grown up looking since your early pictures as a pup!

Love, love, love that bracelet. Bet it's heavy... but wouldn't you just feel like a PRINCESS wearing it?!

Robin A.

KV said...

Well, Nancy, I think your page is quite wonderful already!

That puppy sure has grown -- a reminder of how much time has gone by since we have seen Juno. And I like your bracelet a lot, too!

Kathy V in NM

Nancy K. said...

Thank you both.

My Juno is a cutie, and doesn't she just know it! She is big and will get much bigger. I think she will get up to 90 #'s. The Shiloh Shepherds are a big breed.

Thinking about how much your book helped me Robin also tells me I have grown in bead embroidery with this project, I think over a year ago it would not have helped me as much. I look at the book and think I can do this and this is how, etc. I have kept it out on my dining room table which is where I do my beading so I am able to use it as a reference all the time.

The bracelet is heavy. I am thinking of leaving it out as a display piece too, somewhere Juno won't get it!

artandtea said...

I love the colors and textures in your page, Nancy. And your bracelet is absolutely gorgeous!

With my journal pages, I'm at 9.5 so I need to catch up, too. We're getting there!

Your puppy is so cute!

Happy beading,

The Lone Beader said...

I love the bracelet! Very ornate!

Katie B said...

Your bracelet is spectacular!
do you have a bigger picture?
It is inspiring!

Nancy K. said...

Hi Katie, no bigger picture on the bracelet. I have not learned how to make the pictures bigger if you click on them. It has been so long since I posted I have forgot quite a few things. Thanks for the kind words, Nancy.

Sabii Wabii said...

Love the bracelet!