Sunday, July 8, 2007

July page update

I have started my July page. It will be different than the last one. I am putting some material on my backing and not just bead on the white page. (I am also beading a peyote dragon pattern that I got from an amulet pattern book. I will post that when I post pictures.) I will then attach the peyote piece to my material and go from there. The material is an Asian them and is very nice. My dragon will be in purples. I have wanted to that for awhile so it allows me to do two things at once. Plus I am getting great experience at reading and beading to patterns. That is a challenge! So far so good. I lay the beads out for each row as I go. That seems to work realy well and I have only had to rip out one row. I have had to change up the beads I laid out a few times, but at least they were not in the work already.

I may not post any pictures for awhile.

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freebird said...

Since I have ripped out part of my July page twice already I can say I am very glad you caught your mistakes before sewing them together! Glad you get to do two things at once you've wanted to do.