Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On the subject of blogging and my page...

I have worked on my page daily for the past few days, but nothing enough to post a picture. I still can't decide how to position my fabric on my backing, but at least I decided on the fabric.

Once again I am going to comment, at least for myself, on how much I am enjoying the blogging. An easy way to keep a journal and always here for me to refer to. I just really wish it had spell and grammar check! I am surely spoiled in that respect and need to be mindful of my stream of consciousness type of writing. I have never liked to write much and have always had to adapt how I write to what the boss wanted, so I don't feel I have any particular style (other than the what I think goes straight to what I write style.) But I do feel I have a voice, if that makes sense and doesn't sound contradicting. Writing in the blog helps me exercise that voice. I am so glad I got the nerve to do the blogging. All part of the BJP experience.

Happy beading (and knitting!) Nancy

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freebird said...

I'm glad you are "voicing" yourself with encouragement from the BJP. Isn't it wonderful just how we are all stretching because of it? I NEVER, EVER thought I'd be a blogger; blew my niece away since she hasn't blogged yet! It does make sense that you have a voice. Things happen, things change because someone somewhere had a voice and used it! Keep practicing (had to think is it an s or a c before the ing).