Saturday, September 8, 2007

Artful Blogging + September page

Well, leave it to Somerset Studio to start a magazine on art blogging, called Artful Blogging. And it is great, wonderful graphics, a great source of information. And hints about blogging. I never thought of this, but of course there is blogging etiquette! Looks like it will be coming out 4 times a year and can be subscribed to. Looks like the first quarterly subscrption issue begins in February 2008. The cost is $59.95 for a year.

On to my September page, I think I have changed plans for this month. I had one page all lined out in my mind, got the beads and am now inspired to do something almost totally different. Although the colors appear to be close, some new ones. I used to belong to a bead of the month club. Which was great, just got to be too expensive since I was still buying beads elsewhere. Anyway, I found a full month I had kept together and am thinking on using that for my September page and may stick a face in, or at least some larger focal beads.

I just looked at one of my earlier posts that listed all of my ideas on my pages at that point. I am so glad I wrote them down. So if I go with my idea above for September, I will be taking two off of my list of page ideas, new colors and more faces. And thanks to Beadbabe49 for reinspiring me about using faces. Grace, you are correct, I had a great time doing my last page. It evolved as I went along. I changed it many times. I kept putting different beads in the lower right corner and finally ended up with what is there now.

I hope to keep up with the blog every few days this month and even post more pictures. As I mentioned, the magazine is very inspirational.

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