Saturday, September 29, 2007

September page and other activities

Hello everyone, it is a nice day here in northern CA. Tomorrow I think we will be going for a farm trail tour and seeing some farms in Sonoma County. Should be fun.

I joined the beaded face swap sponsored by Carol Strand-Siebers,, I have posted my pin. The picture does not do it justice. One project I finished this month. I also had an opportunity to go to an open house at a local airport. They had an exhibit on raptors. I got some great close up shots of a hawk and a kestril. I have posted those too. Foster #3 has been adopted, KoKo. I found a shot of her, my dog (Disco) and myself taking their picture I sort of liked, so I posted that too.

Now on to the real reason for this post. I worked on my September page and am either blocked, or it is done as it is and needs mounting work and cutting off some loose threads I see are still on the piece. I have hardly any beading. I really like the material I selected and I guess I do not want to cover it up. Also, the material is so dark, beading on it does not seem to work too well, or at least with the beads I want to use. I still can't quite get the hand of putting material on the pellon I bead on. Or at least finding a process I like well enough. I more or less sew it on, but I don't want the thread to show. So this page I sewed from the back (I am using very thick pellon) and pulled the piece off center a bit. I don't know if you can tell from the picture. The page is called Dragonfly of Autumn (just came up with that and it sounds kind of cool so I will keep it, even though no autumn colors in my page!) It has a dragonfly button on it. Which probably needs some beads around it, but it is what it is for now. I will be moving on to October. October's page may be something different again. I have and idea that has been talking to me for awhile, new color scheme among other things, that I want to explore. So I think that will be my path this month. Stay tuned, I will probably post pictures as I go. No Flickr pictures yet, though. I don't like my September page well enough yet to post it there.

Happy Beading everyone until I post again.

My pictures:

My bead face brooch, Live Your Dreams, as I said, the picture does not do it justice:

September page:

Self portrait with dogs:


Acey said...

that's a very cool self portrait. Bet the farm tour was fun ...

KV said...

Love your face pin and your beaded page. The portrait with the dogs is wonderful!

Kathy V in NM