Saturday, September 8, 2007


I am getting enthralled in blogging land today, so much excellent work out there, one page leads to another, than another, and so on. I am not sure I can put this into words, but when I see people without a dog when they are walking I always think they need one. I have been thinking this along the same lies for awhile about art/crafting/beading/creativity, but looking at blogs and websites today got me thinking it again, everyone has creative instincts and in their own way I wish those people that think they are not creative, knew that they are. I guess my thought is, people should be creating! Well, not everyone, I know that it is not for everyone and there has to be buyers for those of us that sell our work and those that make their living that way but the urge to create I think is in all of use, just comes out differently in some people. I can remember when I was younger making doll clothes for my Twiggy doll or my art classes I took in high school. My family all are creative, my mother has been making our Christmas gifts for years. I have an aunt that is an artist, she did not do that for a living. But I do have a cousin that does machine embroidery for a living (sports jackets and things like that,) that's a big deal in some parts of the country. I have a brother that could basically build a house if he wanted to. And on. And lucky for me since I like beading so much, I have always been a big jewelry person. In grammar school, I remember wearing rings on each finger!

Now I better get back to my housework and a potential shopping trip, or at the very least, beading. And as always, do I wish this program had spell check! I am too lazy to cut and paste into Word and do it that way.

Have a great day!

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Sunni said...

Hi Nancy,
I agree with you that I believe everyone has a creative side. Just some people never find it. And some of us perhaps find way to much of it. And therefore have stacks and stacks of supplies...(guilty party here).
As for the spell check, it does.
It underlines misspells and typos in red.