Monday, September 3, 2007

Flowers and Faces, The Three Graces

It has been so long since I posted, almost a month. I can not believe it. I am nearly done with my August page, but needed a break. I got my break and got inspiration from two recent classes I took. One was Etruscan Treasure by Marcia Decoster (picture in this posting and link to her website to the right.) The other was Oothecal Bead by Rachel Nelson-Smith. (Rachel's link will be added to my list too.) It was wonderful to switch to beadweaving. I will post my necklace with my Oothecal beads when done. One of the things I did in August was to go through some of my bead and other magazines and rip out projects I liked or thought I would do and inspirational pictures of projects, for the color or an idea it gave me. That was fun, relaxing and inspirational. Gave me the incentive to work on something else too along with the classes. I ordered beads for one of the projects and am halfway through with it. That picture I have posted. It was a project I saw in Step by Step Beads from the July-August 2006 issue. I don't recall being stuck by it last year, but this year, wow! Plus I used a color I have been trying to get more accustomed to and that is lime green. You can order kits or the components (which is what I did, I had to have my usual turquoise/blue colors) at I am also posting pictures of my August page in progress, which I have named, Flowers and Faces, The Three Graces, which will be obvious once you see it. This is a theme(s) I like (flowers, faces and goddesses) which repeats in my work. I also happen to have a fountain in my back yard that is the Three Graces. Never thought I would like a naked fountain, but I do!

Finally, we are on foster German Shepherd #3. Her name is KoKo. I am posting her picture too and also #1 (my Daisy girl) and #2 Lucie. Daisy was with us 4 months, very hard to say good bye to her. Her adopters are great people and are okay if I check back with them and even sent pictures of how well she is doing. I also had to change my picture on my profile as it had Daisy in it. Now it is a flower.

We had Lucie a week, so did not get too attached to her. She was an 11 month old puppy and I called her the devil dog upon occasion. KoKo is such a sweetheart, it seems as if she was used for breeding a lot and is still very shy. But she is coming around!

One final comment on my August page, I may be done. There are some open spots I planned to fill in, but may leave them open. We will see. Still no final plan on how I will mount my pages. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and happy beading, Nancy. P.S. I will comment on this in the main blog, but oh my goodness, such wonderful work this past month! I checked each entry, just did not blog on them. I did not see anything I did not like. Talk about inspirational!

Here are the pictures:

Etruscan Treasure

Leslie Pope bracelet


#4 and possibly done (?)
Close ups
Lucie above, and KoKo below.


KV said...

Hi, Nancy --

The colors and textures of this page are neat. It gives the impression that you had fun doing it and it certainly made me smile to see it!

Kathy V in NM

nologic said...

I like your August page. The flowers frame the faces so nicely. There are so many interesting beads. And your dogs are wonderful. The foster dogs are lucky to have you as a foster mom.

beadbabe49 said...

I love your august page...especially as I am using faces on my pages too and it's great to see what other folks are doing!

Grace said...

Beautiful page Nancy, the faces - they look so content. Just made me smile looking at your page. Thanks for the update!

Kiwi Ellen said...

Flowers & Faces, the Three graces is gorgeous Nancy, I love your choice of colours too.

How fun that you took as class with Marcia Decoster, I met her at the Puget Sound & saw her gorgeous samples in person.. Your Etruscan Treasure is stupendous..

Kiwi Ellen said...
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coral-seas said...

I'm not normally fond of pink, but the range of colour and texture in you Flowers and Faces and the Three Graces is wonderful. You have so many different beads.