Sunday, June 17, 2007

Journal update

I spent several hours working on my journal page yesterday. Now I need to site back and think about it a bit. I filled in some of the open space and need to decide how to go on. I may even do some other beading or knitting today! First off to the beach with the dogs and boyfriend. I am also posting one final picture of my prior bead embroidery work. I call it the Three Graces. I made these from kits from Ronda Kivett, who is a member of our group. I have noticed several people in our group that I knew of, or know. That has been great.

I see I may have more of a goddess theme in the work I have done than I know of. Have a great beading day everyone, Nancy.


sammy said...

Great start on your journel beading project... I still just keep starring at mine! Yikes!! Love your goddess dolls also..

Mary Tafoya said...

Hi Nancy! I just joined the BJP Yahoo group and saw your post with a link to your blog. I love your little dolls! --Mary T. 8-)

Beadin' Gram said...

Lovely work, Nancy. Everything is fantastic-- I am so sorry about your loss of Thunder. We lost our precious chocolate lab, Bailey, in October and miss her so much still -- but a few weeks ago we brought home a new lab puppy -- black this time -- Polly is helping fill the void -- but our hearts will always have a very special place for out dear Bailey.