Thursday, June 14, 2007

Final one for the night. I see my pictures of my journal page are not in chronological order.

I will need to work on that for next time.

I forgot to add, I have enjoyed everyone's blogs from the Bead Journal Blog site, now to join that one and add my blog.



KV said...

Hi, Nancy --

I love your photo of the roses! Grow lots of roses here but our climate is now conducive to hydrangeas, which are one of my favorites, too.

And I think your choice of that face is awesome! Since I love green of any shade, need I say that I really like your choice of colors?

Kathy V in New Mexico

Pearl said...

Hi Nancy,
I'm a fellow BJP-er and live in San Jose! Small world, huh? Love your work. And your pictures are awesome!


Lillian said...

Hi Nancy,

The faces on your project are great :o) Love your previous work also. My sister used to live in the Bay area so I got to visit your beautiful area :o) Thanks for sharing, Lillian in WA BJP

Grace said...

Hi Nancy... nice to see you have a blog too! It has certainly been inspiring to say the least with all the folks coming together for the BJP project in one place on the web.

Looking at all the blogs and tracking everyone's progress has been so much fun - yours will be no exception. I enjoyed your photos and am looking forward to seeing your June BJP page progress - so far it look wonderful!

Sunni said...

Love your work and added you to my list of blogs on my blog so I can keep hopping over to see how your work is progressing.
Oh just started my blog also, so understand trying to figure it all out.

Bejeweled said...

Your work is beautiful! And I love the photo of the roses - you can almost smell them :)

SueU said...

The roses are beautiful. Your journal page is wonderful, I've never seen the face before and you other projects are great too. As for blogging, you'll get the hang of that soon enough.