Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bead Journal Ideas

I thought I would post my bead journal ideas so I have them for myself in one place I can always find them. Of course that won't stop me from writing ideas down on small pieces of paper as I have been, but this is a good start.

I took some pictures last weekend in our drive up to Pacifica. They are of the hills, etc., I thought that would make a nice beading picture. I also have a cool picture of waves from the ocean that same weekend. At any rate, lots of ideas there.

Flower, with and without the material I have bought.

Crazy quilt, just lots of beads

Quilt patterns in general

Frank Lloyd Wright pattern


Native American patterns

Oriental rug patterns

Bead a dragon in peyote and put it on a page.

My dogs

Use some favorite beads, I saw someone else with that idea, so I can't say it was mine, but it is a great idea and I have been doing that with my faces.

More faces/goddess/mermaid

Peacock feather


Use some of the buttons I have, in particular dragon flys

3d pages

Netting of some sort, overlay

Dahlia - pink/yellow/orange colorway

I have some beautiful silk scarves to bead on

Knitting, got to get that in somehow

Experiment with colors I normally don't bead with

Use some more cabs, I have a cool agate cab that will be a nice start for my hill pictures, noted above.


Spiral/nautilus pattern

Sea shells or abalone pieces

Still life

Take a favorite painting and use the same colorways, or a window of it. This is an idea I have always wanted to try again that I learned in the Breath of God class I took with Carol Wilcox Wells, see earlier post and pictures.

That's all for now. I am sure I will come up with some more.


Sunni said...
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Sunni said...

Oh me you have some great ideas.
I love the idea of netting on top of something else and wolves, hmmmm being Sunni Wolf I should think of adding wolves. On top of that I collect them and have years before I ever met my husband.
I think your idea of posting this was just great.
Sunni Wolf

LJ said...

Those are all wonderful ideas! And you were smart enough to write them down. It's amazing how they evaporate when you don't. I'd considered netting too...and trying to make a realistic trellis with something behind it. This project is like creative steroids, isn't it?

Sandy said...

Hi all --- great ideas - especially the mandalas. I've been drawn to making them for past few years. Nancy, are yours from patterns? or off the top of your head? I'm still toying around with making this the focus of my journal. Embarassed to say I'm not as advanced in the BJP project as many of you. Enjoy reading/seeing your works in progress. Sandy

Nancy K. said...

Sandy, I have wanted to do some kind of mandala project for awhile. I was thinking jewelry originally. I have a book on mandalas and also have seen many ideas in the bead magazines. Or was planning on adapting parts of jewelry from classes I have taken. That is for down the road. I keep coming up with ideas. I hope this project keeps on.