Thursday, June 14, 2007

I have been beading on my page every day for a few days now. Nothing tonight though. Tonight I have been putting my pictures on my computer so I can post them. I have a few I am going to add. I have a web site, but have not learned how to post pictures yet. I am also going to add pictures of previous bead embroidery I have worked on. Blogging is fun.

I called my site & misc. as I want to add pictures of my dogs, places I have been, flowers, knitting, etc., etc.

The face is from Sassy Art Doll goddess.

I hope this link works. I had some I ordered a few years ago and they just screamed to me to use them for this project. I used another one on my cover for the journal. I need to work on that more before I post it though. I also ordered some more faces from this site and they are really nice.

More pictures:


Lois B said...

Your work is beautiful! I like the colors you chose very much, and the faces really are great. I think I will check out thier site, too.

The photograph you took of the roses is just luscious!

Morwyn said...

So much texture - and I love the focal bead. Gorgeous work!